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How to setup Cloud Conformity Real-time threat monitoring?

Here are the steps to configure Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Real-time threat monitoring setup

On Linux you can install through the installer script. The script will download and install the latest version of Cloud Conformity Threat Monitoring on your AWS account.



Install the AWS Command Line Interface


Export your Access Key and Secret Access Key


Note: The keys used must belong to a user with access to:

AWS CloudFormation
AWS Lambda Function
AWS Events Rule
AWS Lambda Permission


Or switch your AWS profile

export AWS_PROFILE=your-account-profile


To create or update Cloud Conformity Threat Monitoring, open a command prompt, copy the specifically generated command line for you and run it on your command line interface.

After finishing the installation, open CloudFromation console ( and verify the status of CloudConformityMonitoring stack is CREATE_COMPLETE or UPDATE_COMPLETE when updating.
The stack creation might take a while to complete.

The above stack will create a series of CloudWatch Event Rules to monitor changes within your AWS account, and sends them to Cloud Conformity to ingest and process.
You can see the updates on Cloud Conformity in near real-time on the Real-time monitoring dashboard of your Cloud Conformity account.

Note: You can re-run the same command to update your stack to get the latest updates from Cloud Conformity.

Note: To delete Conformity Threat Monitoring from you account, open a command prompt or shell and run the following command

curl -L | bash