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Infrastructure Security, Compliance & Governance

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Cloud Conformity
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Real solutions to your challenges

Complete visibility of your AWS & Azure infrastructure in one location

A single, multi-cloud pane of glass dashboard to view your risk status and violations

Alert overload, and not knowing where or how to prioritize remediation

Seamless integration into your existing workflows, with best practice prioritization always in mind

Lack of dedicated AWS or Azure knowledge throughout the team

Clear remediation steps underpinned by AWS and Azure best practice for immediate resolution

Constantly changing industry standards and compliance requirements

Continuous scans against compliance and industry standards including NIST, CIS, PCI-DSS, GDPR & HIPAA

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The Power of the Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is deeply embedded in Cloud Conformity and forms the backbone for our entire solution
5 Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework 60+ AWS services supported by Cloud Conformity 520+ rules from Cloud Conformity keeping you protected

Instant Benefits

Why do I need to change the master RDS username “awsuser”?

User Dashboard

Replace Amazon’s default username to destroy malicious users’ advantage during brute-force attacks while monitoring user access in real-time with CloudWatch Logs

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I need pre-built and custom reports on the security and compliance status of our cloud infrastructure


Run preconfigured or customized reports on any filter, such as cloud service provider, resource type, tags, rule type, date etc. The combination of filters are endless giving you complete access to exhaustively audit your infrastructure.

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How do I keep my infrastructure GDPR compliant and prove processes are in place?


Stay GDPR compliant with regular infrastructure checks directly applicable to the regulation, and schedule exportable reports required for audits

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How do I fix AWS errors and stay updated with best practice?

Knowledge Base of Remediation Steps

Over 500 rules providing step-by-step remediation for the AWS Console and CLI, including educational rationale based on AWS best practices.

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How can I immediately change a publicly accessible S3 bucket at 3am?


Enable high risk S3 rules for auto-remediation in the event of a failed check to stop malicious users accessing sensitive data

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I like writing code but I never know if it’s full of errors until it’s deployed

CloudFormation Template Scanning

Save time and improve your coding efforts by running best practice checks against your CloudFormation templates as you code and before they go live

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