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How compliant is your AWS infrastructure?

Cloud Conformity provides continuous assurance for your AWS infrastructure, delivering over 250 compliance checks across all key areas, in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Five pillars for total peace of mind


Cloud Conformity checks your accounts for security issues and provides a step-by-step guide to resolve failures ensuring protection of data, systems and assets.


Cloud Conformity will identify reliability issues that could jeopardise the availability and durability of your systems and data.

Performance Efficiency

Cloud Conformity scans your accounts for performance issues and provides best practice suggestions to improve system recovery times, and ensure high availability in the event of service failures or unexpected load.

Cost Optimisation

Cloud Conformity monitors the resources associated with your account and identifies any underutilisation. This continuous insight allows for unnecessary resources to be deactivated, reducing your AWS bill.

Consolidated view

Within minutes of registering, identify the critical risks for your business across all AWS accounts, on one consolidated dashboard.

Consolidated view of all accounts

Visibility of changes and user activity as they happen, across your entire AWS infrastructure.

Real-time monitoring dashboard

Highly customisable rule engine specific to your business needs.

Customisable rule settings

Automatically generate tickets in your preferred task management system ensuring risks are not only identified, but also actioned using your current business workflow.

Integration to third-party tools

Rationale and detailed resolution steps for all violations and recommendations.

Resolution pages in the Knowledge base

Four reasons to choose Cloud Conformity

Whether you are still exploring the benefits of Amazon Web Services, or are running complex critical workloads, Cloud Conformity simplifies the challenging task of maintaining visibility of your infrastructure and ensuring compliance against best practices, along with identifying potential threats in real-time.

Additional features


Integrated with your preferred ticketing / communication system such as Slack, JIRA, Zendesk, ServiceNow.

Scoring & Benchmarking

Incorporates a rank or score system to measure your AWS infrastructure against industry norms and provide a historical record of the improvement/decline.

Conformity Bot

Agentless, non-intrusive bots continuously monitor your AWS infrastructure without having to ever compromise your data.


Fully traceable audit trail of your AWS environment and interactions with the tool.

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