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Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Last updated: 12 January 2020

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity offers the Real-Time Threat Monitoring (RTM) add-on package that provides live monitoring with instant threat and remediation alerts for activities and events within your AWS account.

2 key features are offered with the RTM add-on

  1. Activity Dashboard - identify unusual user activities
  2. Monitoring Dashboard - get an in-depth record of all events in an AWS account

What’s the number of rules RTM covers once it’s enabled?

  • 8 pure RTM rules, which are always running for any kind of events
  • 25+ additional rules looking for events of significance.
    For example, internet gateway config changes
  • 350+ rules running in real-time whenever resources are modified
    Note: The number of rules covered does not match the total number of rules that Conformity supports. This is because RTM is set up to cover the most used AWS services. New services or not-so-critical services are not integrated with RTM
  • The services for which we have extensive but not necessarily complete coverage are:
    • S3
    • EC2
    • ELB
    • Auto Scaling
    • CloudFormation
    • IAM
    • DynamoDB
    • Lambda
    • CloudFront


See Real-Time Security Monitoring package on the Pricing page.

Setup Real-Time Threat Monitoring

  1. Add Real-Time Monitoring add-on package to your account. You can do this
    1. While adding a Conformity account
    2. After you’ve added the Conformity account
  2. Follow the instructions on setting up Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Access Real-Time Threat Monitoring

  1. Select an Account where Real-Time monitoring package has been enabled
  2. Open Dashboard

Uninstall Real-Time Threat Monitoring

To uninstall Real-Time Threat Monitoring from your account, open a command prompt or shell and run the following command:

curl -L bash