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Cloud Account Access


Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Access settings > Update access settings

Cloud Conformity requires access to your AWS Account data to run rules and provide monitoring services.

Account access is initially granted when you Add Cloud Account, and can be modified for existing accounts.

User Access

Access Settings

  1. Change the mode of your account. The two modes are:
    1. Automated
    2. Manual
  2. Update the policy template on your account, which can be identified by the Cloud Conformity Custom Policy Version Rule. Cloud Conformity updates the policy template periodically. To do so,
    1. Check the status of your policy
    2. If the version of the template does not match with the latest released template version, the Cloud Conformity Custom Policy Version Rule displays a failure.
    3. If Status = Failure, update access settings

You can also view the Role ARN, which is a unique identifier for an IAM role created when you Add Cloud Account.


If Cloud Conformity is unable to access the AWS account due to issues such as deleted IAM Role, deleted stack etc., the error can be seen on

  1. Cloud Account Settings
  2. Access Settings