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Set up SAML SSO integration for Cloud Conformity

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My organisation’s SAML SSO provider of choice is Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

Cloud Conformity Solution

Step 1. Reach out to SSO@cloudconformity.com requesting your SSO provider be activated for your organisation.

We currently support Okta, ADFS, Azure AD, Centrify, Keycloak, and OneLogin out of the box, with the potential for supporting any SAML 2.0 compliant identity provider.

Step 2. The Cloud Conformity support team will provide a configuration template for you to fill out exact details required to activate SSO for your provider

Example of configuration information required

  • Which SAML 2.0 Identity Provider do you currently use?
  • What is your main domain name? (This is what you enter in SP-initiated sign-on page)
  • Approximately how many users will you grant access to Cloud Conformity?
  • If you know SAML 2.0 response attribute names (claims) for the following attributes, it can make the integration faster:
    • given name
    • surname
    • email address
    • group memberships, or roles
  • Which roles are you planning to use via SSO? (Admin, Power User, Read-only, and Custom)

Step 3. Send completed template to SSO@cloudconformity.com.

Step 4. Cloud Conformity support will confirm once your SSO provider has been activated.