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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cloud Conformity access my AWS account?

Cloud Conformity uses a custom access policy to view your AWS account metadata - there is no read or write access to your data.

What data does Cloud Conformity capture and how is it stored?

Cloud Conformity only accesses the metadata associated with your AWS infrastructure. For example, we recognise that your AWS account has twelve S3 buckets and twenty EC2 instances, however, we cannot see the data/applications associated with these resources.

We retain metadata for active accounts for a 12-month period after which it is automatically deleted. If you choose to deactivate an account, all your data is automatically deleted at the time of deactivation.

Does anyone at Cloud Conformity look at this data?

No, Cloud Conformity staff don’t have access to view your dashboard or account information. Authorised members of our technical team have limited access to view metadata associated with your accounts, for example, the number of compliance checks performed. However, our staff cannot see the specific violations associated with your AWS or Azure account.

Will using Cloud Conformity increase my monthly bill?

Cloud Conformity accesses your account via the AWS API and therefore does not increase your AWS bill. Your monthly AWS bill will not increase regardless of how many of your AWS accounts are linked to Cloud Conformity.

How quick is Cloud Conformity to set up?

Cloud Conformity has been designed so you can be up and running with your own Cloud Conformity account within 5 minutes. Once you have connected and configured one AWS/Azure account, replicating the rules and communication preferences across other accounts can be done in a matter of minutes. We’d be more than happy to give a quick demo on this!

Can I add a custom rule for AWS?

If you’re keen to add your own rules, custom rules can be created via AWS Config with the results ingested and displayed in Cloud Conformity. Other custom rule sets can be ingested by Cloud Conformity via the Cloud Conformity API.

If you need additional support creating a new rule, please have a chat with us via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the page (there is always someone online!) We’re constantly adding new rules to our platform, so we might already be working on the rule you’re after.

How is best practice determined?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework and the Azure CIS Foundations defines best practices you should follow to ensure your infrastructure is secure, reliable, high available and cost effective. Cloud Conformity automates the auditing of your infrastructure against these frameworks.

What communication tools do you integrate with?

Cloud Conformity currently integrates with the following communication channels and workflow systems:

  • Amazon SNS
  • Email
  • Jira
  • Microsoft Teams
  • PagerDuty
  • ServiceNow
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • Zendesk

How many rules do you have?

Cloud Conformity currently has over 530 automated best practice rules for AWS, and over 40 for Azure. We are adding new rules every week so this list is constantly growing.

Can I use Cloud Conformity for Google Cloud?

Cloud Conformity is a multi-cloud continuous assurance and governance tool fully supporting AWS and Microsoft Azure, with Google Cloud on the roadmap to be added next. If you have a hybrid cloud environment, please get in touch or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.