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Real-Time Threat Monitoring for AWS

Real-Time Threat Monitoring Overview

Cloud Conformity’s Real-Time Threat Monitoring (RTM) ensures your public cloud infrastructure is proactively monitored, and provides instant alerts and remediation to ensure critical systems and data are secure, reliable and optimized at all times.

RTM is a multi-region, multi-account single pane of glass dashboard providing a consolidated view of user activity and configuration changes across your entire infrastructure footprint.

As RTM receives user and event data, Cloud Conformity analyses against 520+ automated controls to provide real-time risk and vulnerability insight with self-healing available for selected critical alerts.


Real-time monitoring alerts users instantly of critical threats and vulnerabilities that need immediate action. RTM alerts can be set for all accounts or only specific accounts that manage or hold sensitive resources.

Without the wait for the Conformity bot to run, RTM gives true assurance that you have full awareness and management of your AWS infrastructure at all times.


The RTM dashboard automatically runs and shows analytics of any in-progress security misconfigurations or risks, alongside the Cloud Conformity rule-related successes or failures.

This data can be integrated into your standard SIEM provider for increased activity visibility, and within Cloud Conformity, can be filtered and drilled into for deeper insight and trends spotting. You’ll soon become the expert on your AWS environment’s successes, vulnerabilities and additional needs.

User Dashboard

The User Dashboard allows you to monitor, in real-time, all user activity within an account.

With the focus on the user, you’re able to swiftly assess who instigated an unwanted event, so the source of any critical threats can be found, stopped and remediated instantly. A very tangible and quick, actionable win to help calm your CSO and the team in the most undesirable scenarios.


The Cloud Conformity API enables users to directly interact with Real-Time Monitoring on providing even greater flexibility and security.

Using the API allows Cloud Conformity to be more deeply and intuitively integrated into your live AWS environments.

Workflow Integration

Understanding the unique workings of each organization, Cloud Conformity integrates flawlessly into your existing workflows to get working fast.

It offers numerous customization choices around each rule, individual access levels and 3rd party communication channel integrations,including Slack, Jira, Zendesk and AWS SNS so you have full autonomy over how Cloud Conformity works for your organization.

Starting right from sign in, Cloud Conformity also makes it easy to stay compliant by offering SSO solutions such as Okta, Microsoft ADFS/Azure AD, and more.