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Cost Management Overview

Cloud Conformity’s Cost Management tool helps to reinstate full control and visibility of your AWS spend, making it easier to accurately forecast, keep to budgets and run reports.

Plugging directly into your AWS billing accounts, the Cost Management tool uses its very own cost optimization rules and algorithms to provide continuous cost saving recommendations ensuring you’re never unnecessarily overspending on your environments.

Cost Savings Recommendation

The Cloud Conformity cost algorithms and Operational Excellence rules engine identifies cost saving opportunities, showing the total figure that could be saved across your accounts. The optimisation opportunities can be broken down for more detail and in just one click, you’ll have all of the remediation steps to get that money back in your pocket.

Cost Rules

With over 70 cost optimization rules available for continuous AWS account monitoring, your development teams will have the knowledge firsthand to action cost savings recommendations and build cost effectively for each and every sprint.

Typical examples of Cloud Conformity Cost Optimization Rules include underutilized, unused, or forgotten about resources which can be a huge drain on the budget but manually identifying them can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack! Cloud Conformity Cost Rules work with AWS CloudWatch to understand where stacks can be optimized and the related costs reduced for a happier CFO.

Budget Alerts

Cloud Conformity offers budget and cost fluctuation alerts so you never finish the month with a nasty surprise. Alerts can be set by account, service, resource, tags and more, with the flexibility to vary limits and restrictions to suit your own budget comfort levels.


Cloud Conformity provides near real-time in-month forecasted spend helping you to know what to expect on your next bill. Using the previous 12 months’ spend as a cost indication and in-month cost analysis while excluding large one-time costs, the cost tool helps businesses keep to their own forecasts and plans.

Cost Dashboard

The Cost Dashboard presents all budget-critical information in one simple and clear format. Immediately showing the cost to date, your forecasted month’s spend and last month’s spend, the simplified AWS bill view means you know instantly how well your budget is being kept to.

Budget Reports

The Cost Management tool includes a powerful reporting feature offering the options of both high level and granular detail of your AWS bills.

Off the shelf reports quickly show usage and transfer overviews and evolutions, however it’s the ability to significantly filter cost breakdowns and forecasts that will back up your business case and ease those inevitable financial concerns.

Workflow Integrations

As each organization runs differently with varying financial priorities, Cloud Conformity provides easy integration into your workflow.

Maintaining the platform’s real flexibility, Cost Management offers numerous customization choices around each cost rule, for example prioritizing EC2 and EBS services, and how those alerts are created and who they’re sent to via the multiple 3rd party communication channel integrations including Slack, Jira, ServiceNow and ZenDesk.

Custom Rules

With each organization having unique requirements, Cloud Conformity offers users the opportunity to create their own custom Cost Management rules in three ways:

  • Custom Rules Creation by working with the Cloud Conformity team

  • AWS Config

  • Cloud Conformity API