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Product Features

Cloud Conformity simplifies the challenging task of maintaining visibility of your infrastructure and ensuring compliance against best practices, along with identifying potential threats in real-time.

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  • Real-time threat detection

    Visibility of changes and user activity as they happen, across your entire AWS infrastructure.

  • Actionable insights

    Rationale and detailed resolution steps for all violations and recommendations.

  • Simplicity

    Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard simplifying the tasks of maintaining oversight and compliance of your infrastructure.

  • Consolidated view

    Within minutes of registering, identify the critical risks for your business across all AWS accounts, on one consolidated dashboard.

  • Seamless integrations

    Automatically generate tickets in your preferred task management system ensuring risks are not only identified, but also actioned using your current business workflow.

Consolidated Dashboard

The All Accounts dashboard provides a consolidated view of all AWS infrastructure and the associated compliance level against the five pillars of the Well-Architected framework.
This ability to view all AWS accounts on one user-friendly dashboard makes it extremely easy to identify risks and issues with your infrastructure as they occur, as well as ensuring your staff are up to date with the latest best practices.

Comprehensive rules engine

With over 450 rules across all pillars of the Well-Architected Framework (Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation, and Operational Excellence) the Cloud Conformity bot automates the tedious task of ensuring your cloud infrastructure is remains reliable, scalable, efficient and secure.
The comprehensive nature of the rules engine, along with our continuous delivery philosophy ensures any potential risks are identified immediately and prioritized according to the potential impact on your business.

Rule Resolution Pages

All 450+ rules in the Cloud Conformity rules engine have an associated resolution page which provides not only the rationale and business risk associated with the rule, but also the detailed audit and resolution steps – either via the AWS Console, or command line.
This knowledge base and actionability ensures staff understand the risk the violations poses and are given the tools to rectify the issue immediately.

Threat Monitoring & Activity Log

The Threat Monitoring dashboard provides real-time visibility of what is occurring in your AWS accounts and the associated potential threat to your organisation.
This dashboard allows authorized users to identify which staff are currently accessing a particular AWS account, along with surfacing up any unusual activity, such as changes to security groups, increased permission levels for users, or access to your AWS accounts from an unfamiliar country.

Rule Configurations

The ability to configure the Cloud Conformity rules engine allows you to tailor each check to meet the needs of your organization.
There are also a number of customizable rules, such as specifying naming and tagging conventions or checking for blacklisted AMIs.
All rule configuration changes are audited and visible via the Cloud Conformity activity log.


Cloud Conformity integrates into major ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow, JIRA & Zendesk.
Integrating Cloud Conformity with your preferred ticketing system allows rule violations to seamlessly integrate into your current business workflow and simplifies the resolution processes.

User Access Levels

Access to Cloud Conformity is provisioned according to the needs of each staff member. Staff can be granted access to one or many accounts, with the ability to restrict access to read only or administrator for each account.
This separation of access ensures staff only gains visibility of infrastructure and best practice violations specific to their duties.

Custom reports and filtering

Custom reports can be generated on demand and either actioned directly from Cloud Conformity application or downloaded in either CSV or PDF format.
This provides the ability to view violations or successful checks by AWS service or by a particular pillar of the Well-Architected Framework.

Bill visualization and forecasting

The Cloud Conformity Cost dashboard provides a comprehensive yet simplistic overview of AWS spend. The ability to explore the forecasted spend enables organisations to proactively identify any increases in monthly spend, eliminating unexpected charges.
The Cost dashboard also provides detailed optimization recommendations, highlighting resources, services & accounts with the most significant waste, along with a step-by-step guide to eliminate the unnecessary spend.

Cost Allocation Reports

Quickly and easily understand your monthly spend and cost evolution over time. The ability to generate reports on-demand, using real-time data ensures your organisation is able to accurately forecast, as well as allocate segments of the spend appropriately within the business.
All reports and data can be viewed in multiple formats, ensuring both technical staff and executives can easily understand the data.

S3 Bucket & Data Transfer

Data storage and transfer costs can significantly increase in a short period of time and is a common cause of higher than expected monthly bills. Cloud Conformity provides simplified visibility of S3 data costs, along with data transfer analysis and fees. In addition to providing insight into the spend, Cloud Conformity also provides proactive alerts when the data storage and transfer costs increase, along with optimisation recommendations.