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Failed Check Resolution

Whilst providing continuous monitoring and assurance of your AWS infrastructure, Cloud Conformity also acts as an education tool. It provides detailed resolution steps and the rationale behind each rule to help users follow best practice to avoid security vulnerabilities, performance and cost efficiencies, and reliability risks. The Resolve button directs users to the related rule and remediation steps on the Cloud Conformity Knowledge Base, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to resolve the failure.

Note: Only those rules that are associated with failed checks will display a Resolve button.

Steps to resolve failures

  1. Click Resolve against rule with the failed check
  2. On a new browser window, Users will be directed to the Cloud Conformity knowledge base of the selected rule. The knowledge base contains various information such as an overview of the rule, step-by-step guide to audit rule and failed check resolution etc.


See Auto-remediation