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Filter and Search

Last updated: 12 January 2020

Cloud Conformity offers a variety of filters when viewing rules and checks on available reporting tools. The filtered results can be viewed by Rule, Resource, or Standards or Frameworks.

Using the filter, you can take several actions such as configuring each rule according to your requirements, resolving failures, viewing only suppressed or unsuppressed checks, or generating a report.

Only show checks from

Enter a duration: You can view checks for a particular duration by entering values for the number of days you wish to view before and after up to. You must enter at least 2 days up to 1 day to see any checks for a specific time duration.

Display checks from: To display checks from a particular day up to today, enter the number of days in the first days ago field before up to and leave the second field blank.

Display checks up to: To display all checks for up to a particular day, enter days ago after the up to field and leave the first field blank.

Note: The availability of options on filter depends on the functionality that you are accessing.