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Cost fluctuation


Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Cost fluctuation settings > Update cost fluctuation settings

Regular monitoring of AWS expenses for unexpected fluctuations is essential for you to identify any unusual usage patterns that may require corrective actions.

You have the option of setting a Cost fluctuation (defined as a %) for your cloud account and receive notifications whenever the expenses exceed the specified threshold in comparison to the last month. You can define fluctuation for various parameters such as services, environment, roles and tags, and also for the combination of any of these together. Cost fluctuation alert notifications, which are dependent on the risk level that you choose and communication channels, will be sent when the current month spend exceeds the specified limit of the last month.

User Access

Add / Update Cost Fluctuation

  1. Add Fluctuation from the drop-down for the parameter that you wish to configure
  2. Input Fluctuation and Add. If you choose Advanced filter from the drop-down, you can combine any or all of the following parameters
    • Services
    • Sub services
    • Environment
    • Owner
    • Role
  3. Confirm / Modify Cost fluctuation from the list and assign a Risk Level