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Microsoft Teams Communication


Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Communication settings > Update communication settings > Configure ‘Microsoft Teams’

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity supports notifications sent via Microsoft Teams. These notifications will be sent to user-created channels with all relevant Microsoft Teams users receiving the notifications.

  1. Click on Create a Microsoft Teams channel.
  2. Set automatic notifications.
  3. Configure Triggers.
  4. Configure now will allow the addition of Microsoft Teams channel using the following parameters.

  • Webhook URL
  • Channel Name (Optional) - only for identification purposes, this field does not link to your MS Teams Channels in Conformity
  • Include “Introduced by” - the user who introduced the failure
  • Include “Resource” - Resource ID or Name
  • Include “Tags” - Tags associated with the resource
  • Include “Extra Data”- data associated with Availability Zone, Create Time, Instance Id, Size, and Type of Rule failure.
  • Copy communication settings

Once the channel creation is successful, you will be able to see the Microsoft Teams channel from your Communication Settings.