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Automate remediation of non-compliant events to meet best practice policies

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  • I want to automatically close any S3 buckets which are accidentally made public.
  • I want to ensure my organisation’s IAM access keys are not exposed by automatically taking corrective action if an exposed key is found.
  • I want to ensure my organisation always uses Server Side Encryption (SSE) for any resources receiving incoming data.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity Solution

Step 1. Determine the account(s) where you want auto-remediation actions to occur.

Step 2. Follow auto-remediation installation instructions to setup auto-remediation on your AWS account(s).

Hint: Turn on Conformity’s Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) to utilise auto-remediation in near real-time. More info on RTM.

Step 3. Define the event(s) you would like auto-remediated and configure the function for the event(s) using the auto-remediation documentation.

Once auto-remediation is setup and configured, auto-remediation actions will be triggered after your configured rule failures after each Conformity bot run. For RTM rules, auto-remediation will occur within a 2 minute interval.

Optional: Configure a notification to be triggered and sent to a channel when rules fail.