AWS Best Practices in Cloud Conformity

As 2018 comes to a close, the Cloud Conformity team has continued to bolster and add to our cloud infrastructure governance tools. Since November the team has released…

  • 43 new rules, built on the back of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, deployed in November and December with more planned for January
  • The Cloud Conformity CloudFormation Template scanner: Shift left and identify misconfigurations and illegible code ahead of your collection going live. Currently in beta for customers.
  • Save and Schedule reports: Customize a report, save it for future use, and schedule a delivery cadance as you see fit. See our help guide here for full details.
  • Check it out for yourself and see how compliant your environment is against the PCI compliance in about 3 minutes with a free trial here.

Diving in deeper, here are few highlights for Cloud Conformity during the year.

Over 55 AWS services covered with Cloud Conformity’s rules

AWS continues to grow at lightspeed and with it, dedicated partners like Cloud Conformity are there to maximize the powerful platform. Constantly adding rules to conform with AWS’s best practices, new services, and expanded features means that on average, we release a new rule every 4th day!

AWS highest technology partner status for: Security Competency and Cloud Management Tool Competency

AWS’s highest technology partner status: achievement unlocked (2x)

We were honored to receive the brand new Cloud Management Tools Competency from AWS in September and followed that up with the Security Competency just weeks later. What does this mean? The staff knows a lot about AWS and that all filters down into the product.

Our auto-remediation open source project (also referred to as ‘self-healing’ sometimes) has been an important part to building a secure CI/CD pipeline and, peace of mind, with our customers, allowing some of the most common, and critical errors to be instantly fixed once detected.

Not content with only detection and correction steps, we’ve shifted left into the preventative stages of the pipeline with our CloudFormation Template Scanner as mentioned above. See a bit more about what we’re doing with the CloudFormation AWS service.

Compliance Standards, now, well, standard

Another proud moment for 2018 was adding in checks against prominent Compliance Standards such as the AWS Well-Architected Framework, GDPR, CIS, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. If you’re in a regulated industry or business, you know how critical staying compliant is, so we’ve integrated failures for these standards directly into your workflows to fix.

We’re overjoyed as we head into a big 2019. To our customers, a massive, THANK YOU, you inspire us to be as brilliant as we can be. To our future customers reading this; give us 3 minutes setting up a free account and we’d be honored to welcome you into the tribe.