Cloud Conformity is proud to announce its status as launch partner chosen by AWS for the newest AWS Competency for Cloud Management Tools, as revealed today at the AWS Atlanta Summit. Additionally, Cloud Conformity has been awarded the Security Competency.

To achieve Cloud Management Tools Competency & Security Competency statuses, Cloud Conformity has proven specialized demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success based on the requirements of the named Competencies. As a company that was built on the back of Amazon Web Services, we are dedicated to expediting the technical aspirations of companies large and small, and accelerating innovation on AWS.

As AWS infrastructures scale, governance becomes a critical challenge for companies new to the Cloud. Ignoring these challenges can lead to data loss, unreliable applications, regulatory risks, and spiralling costs. Cloud Conformity helps organizations manage these risks by providing continuous security, compliance, and cost management algorithms across 47 AWS services.

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